The Kullari Dragon

Kullari Rover Crew

Kullari Rover Crew is an active and friendly crew situated at the 1st Salisbury Scout Hall, 'The Den' on Orange Ave, Salisbury.

About Rovers

Scouting is the largest international youth movement, engaging young people in almost every country. Rover Scouts is the final section of the ‘path’ to adult life with a strong focus on community engagement and social inclusion. Rovering develops leadership abilities and mateship by empowering Rover Scouts to run their own activities.

Rover Scouts is open all young adults aged 18-25. It is all about adventure, excitement, challenge and achievement. No previous scouting experience required!

Rovers function in crews. A crew is a small collection of around 6 - 20 Rovers who engage in a self-managed weekly program. Crew members become mates for life!

A Rover Scout calendar may include challenging outdoor activities such as caving, sailing, four-wheel driving, hot-air ballooning and ski-touring. In addition the calendar is full of balls, harbour cruises, motor-sports.

Moots are the pinnacle Rover event. A moot is a social gathering of Rovers from throughout a state, national or international with the focus of a few weeks of fun, adventure and sharing of life experiences. These too are run and managed by Rovers!